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Thyme Well Spent Personal Chef Service

Eat Better, Starting Today

There was a tie-up in the HOV lane and you are late getting home... Eldest needs you to proof the English paper due tomorrow before her lacrosse game at 7 and you're supposed to call the Troop leader about camp-out plans... You open the fridge only to remember you were going to pick up groceries on the way home for dinner... Will it be pizza delivery, Chinese delivery or deli delivery?

You tell yourself you'll do better tomorrow.

If this sounds too familiar it's time you called Thyme Well Spent, Inc.

I will prepare an array of scrumptious, nutritious meals for you to heat and enjoy. Menus are tailored to your tastes, preferences, and accommodate most special diets. I

  • Plan your menus
  • Shop for the freshest ingredients
  • Prepare the delicious, healthful entrées and sides in your home
  • Package and label them with heating instructions.

You return to a spotless kitchen, exquisite aromas and stress-free dining.

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